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Cindarella Amsterdam Escort

Everyone knows the famous fairy tale of Cinderella, the poor and humble girl who gets an act of revenge on her step-sister, on her stepmother and thanks to magic manages to marry the Prince. A beautiful story, which has made generations of children dream and who will continue to do so forever. This fable has become a reality with Cindarella, the escort who used magic to become the embodiment of perfection. Take a look to her body, her tits, her ass, her legs. You will not find any fault, it is impossible, Cindarella has a body 100% natural, it is a magical gift to make it immediately better than other women, to make it clear that some girls are born with a specific destiny: to become queens Amsterdam Escorts.

Cindarella knows well to be unique, but there is no arrogance in her attitude, only the security of being perfect and very strong self-esteem. Her charisma is tremendous and contagious, everyone feels happier near her. The safety of Cindarella is that of a real princess, indeed, of a Goddess, of someone who dominates the whole world and can have every man. Her appointment list is full of essential characters, who go crazy to have a smile, a look of deep blue eyes like the sea, to touch the gold-colored hair, for a minute alone with perfection. La Gioconda is no longer the icon of a seductive and mysterious smile, now it is Cindarella the bar of seduction because she has revolutionized the sector of escorts as only a Goddess can do. Be very careful with Cindarella, too much perfection can really change a man, and bring him to happiness challenging to manage, and that can create a real addiction.
Cindarella, too perfect for this world.


To have the best possible experience with Cindarella you can have lunch or dinner with her in a private room in one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, such as De Silveren Spiegel, protected by the gossip and envious glances of other men.

On this occasion, you will have the rare privilege of being able to choose outfits and the menu of the evening, with the aim of pleasing Cindarella.


Cindarella loves visiting the less favorite places in Amsterdam. If you want to be different from other men and hit her in the deep, then visit the Heineken Experience with her and bring her into contact with one of her few weaknesses: beer.
Cinderella can accompany you anywhere in the city, she wants to share perfection with you.


The Citiez Hotel Amsterdam is perfect for a gallant private meeting with the perfection of Cindarella, without fear of being interrupted in an intimate moment.

Take a warm bath with her and then enter into intimacy with her to try the best hour of your life, the Princess will take you to a place you did not know existed, the Palace of Pleasure.

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