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Our escort agency is proud to offer a wide choice to all our customers, with girls from all over Europe, to give the customer the greatest freedom of choice possible.
Aniella is one of our top escorts, requested by politicians and footballers from all over the country, who are willing to spend any money to get her exclusive. Aniella is a young girl escort who comes from Italia. She is a real Mediterranean woman, full of passion and love, very outgoing and who is not afraid to show her feelings and scream when she feels pleasure. Her attitude is her secret weapon and is the characteristic that made fall in love many men across the Netherlands, because Aniella really appreciates every customer, loves him and becomes a faithful girlfriend, loyal, respectful and who just wants to give maximum pleasure to her man.

The passionate nature of Aniella can be seen in every gesture, when she caressed your hand when words of love whispered in your ear, in every look full of sweetness and malice, in the way she hugs you and never wanted to leave you. Aniella knows how to make you fall in love and how to melt the ice inside your heart, to really make you live special feelings, that you can bring in forever. Aniella adapts to any situation, can wear anything and accepts every gift with real gratitude so you can buy her clothes and shoes, she will wear them with the maximum pleasure just for you, to make really unique all the moments you spend together.
The Italians do it better, and if you do not believe it, try Aniella for an hour, you’ll immediately change your mind.


An excellent way to spend a lovely evening with Aniella is to book a dinner in a restaurant in Amsterdam, such as Eatmosfera, but Aniella also loves Italian pizza and all Mediterranean cuisine.

With her, you can talk freely about anything and can give you valuable advice on all the problems in your life, because she is also a precious friend.


Aniella love to spend time in Amsterdam and enjoys the nightlife of the Leidseplein with you. Experience the emotions that only Amsterdam can offer with Aniella, and the nightlife of the city will immediately become much more glamorous.

You can visit with you every location of the capital, and travel to any other place without problems. Tell Aniella your idea, and she will study the best solution to realize your fantasies.


The Student Hotel Amsterdam can become the perfect setting for a night of love with Aniella if you wish.

You just have to book the room, and she will take the taxi and the Italian passionate will arrive quickly in your bed.
Aniella can reach you at every hotel, but she prefers luxury hotels.

Aniella Amsterdam Escort