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Viorella is a girl working as top escort in Amsterdam, and who loves this city very much. Since she was a child, she had felt different from the other girls because it was clear that she was more beautiful, more uninhibited, and more desired by men. Viorella has always used her body to get the most out of the benefits, and this perfect body, escort with natural breasts, a shapely ass, excellent feet and loved by all the fetish lovers, and a fast brain, has allowed her to reach every goal of her life without encountering any difficulty. Viorella has perfected all the secrets of seduction, body language, and love, and knows how to use them on any type of man, to drive him crazy with pleasure and make an hour with Escort Viorella the best way to spend money, and give birth to the desire to live that experience again and for longer.

Viorella knows how to use every part of her body to seduce any type of man. She can use a smile to make a romantic man fall in love, Viorella can turn into a dancer to attract the man who loves music, or she can sing high heels and a miniskirt to become a sexy icon.
Viorella knows how to use body language, and every movement is full of sensuality and eroticism. Viorella loves to seduce in an exquisite and not vulgar way, using the eyes to send messages of love and passion, provoking intelligently and becoming oxygen for the heart of a person.
Book an hour with Viorella, to really understand what seduction means.


Viorella is always happy to meet you in an exclusive restaurant in Amsterdam, like the Sherpa Restaurant, where you can spend a pleasant evening with a beautiful and intelligent woman, who can talk about economy and investment better than many experts in the field.

Viorella likes elegance, and she will be beautiful just for you.


Viorella is a girl who loves culture very much, and can accompany you to all the most important museums of the city, like the Anne Frank House, where she can tell you many anecdotes about the story of Anna or the city of Amsterdam during the Second World War.

Viorella will know how to bring joy into your heart even after visiting these places of memory.


Book escort Viorella and send the instructions, and Viorella will take the taxi, and will immediately arrive at your luxury hotel.

A hotel like the famous Hotel Casa Amsterdam is perfect for spending a night of love with guaranteed privacy, but Viorella can reach you anywhere in the city of Amsterdam, to protect your privacy.

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