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Amsterdam Escort Lalely

Few people really like to transgress beyond the limit intensely, so you can really live out of control experiences and the boundaries of reality. A city like Amsterdam allows all these people to find a suitable environment to cultivate this way of life and offers endless possibilities of transgression. Lalely is best escort in Amsterdam, the queen of transgression, her impulsive and passionate nature pushes her to break every rule, to unhinge every taboo, to give pleasure and to live in the first person the most extreme situations.

Lalely loves doing sports, running, taking care of her body and looking for the most extreme new experiences online. This beautiful escort has brought her lifestyle also in her job, specializing in the most extreme practices and in the continuous search for a limit to be overcome in any sexual activity. Lalely is suitable for people looking for strong emotions, chills, intensity and a lot of passion. She does not like annoying people and safe situations, she loves running so, making love impulsively, always having adrenaline in her veins and music full of energy in her ears, while the brain says she is living for the moment.

Her body is perfect for this philosophy of life: thin, big breasts, blond hair and a mischievous look that makes any man go crazy. You can not spend an evening with Lalely without having the scars in your heart, without feeling the need to see her as soon as possible, because she is not an escort, it is not just a perfect body, but it is a real drug.


Lalely likes to dine in luxurious restaurants and will be extremely happy to book an appointment at a restaurant like Hollands Hape Hmm and spend a pleasant evening with you, beer and tasty meat. Lalely loves eating and drinking, living and having no limits, and can amaze you with erotic games with food.


Visit some of Amsterdam’s main transgressions places with Lalely, like the Bulldog Coffee Shop and relax with her and see how beautiful she is when she smokes or when she drinks beer. Lalely knows all the best coffee shops and will only take you where they sell top quality products. She also knows all the bars that sell the best absinthe and every local created to transgress. With Lalely you will not visit boring museums or old buildings, but only places where 100% of the transgression is guaranteed and characters out of the ordinary who will be the supporters of a beautiful day with Lalely.


Lalely’s favorite hotel is the Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel, where she can reach your suite at any time, you just have to book a taxi.

Maximum discretion and protection of your privacy. When you hear a knock, it will be the signal that will allow you to enterLalely in your life forever.

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