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About Maddy Amsterdam Escort and few things in life can affect a man with the power of a tornado, and Maddy is one of those things. Every man who has seen her photographs has found himself confused, speechless, paralyzed by the beauty of this angelic woman, trying to find a flaw, an imperfection, the proof that the photos are a photomontage, but without seeing anything. These people are eagerly waiting to meet Maddy live, because they have never seen such a woman, and her body, her attitude, her way of walking, talking, using body language are incredible, and they make every man fall in love with madness.

Maddy is a real power of nature, she is perfect, she is beautiful and intelligent, she is the prototype of a woman who was created and then never replicated for fear of creating something too perfect. Everything in Maddy is able to seduce profoundly, her breasts, great, that you can touch but only with her permission, her ability to put at ease every man and to adapt to every situation. Maddy can work with normal men, people who wanted to dominate, fans of extreme things, and on all occasions, she knew how to keep control, make the customer happy and create something unique in every event. Maddy is a true professional, who will give 100% to create something unforgettable, that will hit deep, and that can turn a man into a friend, a loyal customer, and another conquest for the perfect daddy.


A woman like Maddy deserves only the best, a restaurant of the highest level, with a starred chef, excellent ingredients, creativity, and a beautiful atmosphere, and our suggestions is the Restaurant De Culinaire Werkplaats, an innovative and young establishment that will Happy Maddy and will allow both to live a moment of extreme joy with food and a perfect woman with you.

Maddy can adapt to every menu and every type of restaurant because her goal is to put you at ease and give you the opportunity to experience a unique evening.


Visit the wonders of the city with Maddy, who will wear the clothes you want. Visit the Jordaan neighborhood to shop with her, to be trendy or to drink a fresh cocktail, Maddy knows every bar in the area and can be a fantastic city guide, because she is as beautiful as she is smart Thanks to her you will have lovely memories of Amsterdam in your mind forever.

You can also take selfies and souvenir photos with her, to keep her in the heart with the memories of Amsterdam.


Maddy is an experienced escort, and can turn an evening into a hotel like the Eden Hotel in an unforgettable moment.

You just have to book the taxi, and she will reach your door as soon as possible. Make sure to welcome her like a queen, and she will give you so much love all night long.

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