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For some people, the name is so perfect that it allows to immediately identify the character and the fundamental characteristics of that person. For Selena, this statement is unquestionably true because she is indeed a woman who comes from the Moon.
Selene is the name of a deity of Greek mythology, the Goddess of the Moon, beautiful and unreachable, and Selena perfectly reflects the characteristics of the Goddess Selene.
Selena is a beautiful girl, beautiful, a real diamond, with a body that only a few people have around the world, soft and fragrant hair, a sensual and overwhelming look, perfect hands and well-kept and tapered feet.
But perhaps the best thing about Selena is her long, elegant legs, which allow her to walk like a gazelle, to be quick and to seduce every man. Seeing Selena wearing self-fitting stockings is an experience that can drive a person crazy, and that can drive you mad with desire, it’s a sin of lust.
Selena knows how to seduce like no other woman in the world, for her, it is a game, and she loves to win always.
Her smile is something you’ve never seen before, the face radiates happiness and can really break even in the coldest heart, the teeth are candid and perfect, and the emotional charge of a smile of Selena cannot be measured in any way. The beauty of a smile is indescribable and can change the life of a person, and Selena only serves to smile to have customers in love and romantic evenings continually. Imagine Selena with an elegant make-up and a beautiful red lipstick that smiles at you happy to spend time with you.
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Can your heart bear this image of perfection and sensuality?
If you are looking for a girl who knows how to erase all your worries and who is able to bring joy and hope into your life, you do not have to look into the Earth, but to the Moon, the kingdom of Selena.

AMSTERDAM DINNER DATE: The best way to appreciate the smile and charm of Selena is to have a romantic dinner by booking a table in one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, the Bordeau restaurant Gastronomiques, where you will spend a beautiful evening with Selena, who will wear the Her best jewelry and will turn a dinner into the best moment of your life.

AMSTERDAM CITY TOUR: You can visit all the most beautiful places in Amsterdam with Selena, like the Bags and Purses museum or the flower market, and observe with your own eyes that Selena is more beautiful than any red rose. You can take you to every part of Amsterdam at any time of the day.

AMSTERDAM HOTEL SERVICE: Selena gives her best in private meetings in the hotel as the Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam, where she will gently knock at your door whispering words of love and announcing the arrival of the Goddess.

Beautiful girl Selena escort in Amsterdam gfe outcall model for sex