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Our Amsterdam escort girls are not only perfect for those who want to do top-level sex escorts, but also for those looking for a moment of relaxation that can make them forget everyday problems and erase stress. An erotic massage Amsterdam is the best way to relax and to reach orgasm even without having sex. Many of our girls are experts in many types of sex massage, such as the erotische massage, the sensible massage, and the body to body massage. If you are looking for a happy ending massage, then you are in the right place. Furthermore, our Amsterdam escorts know all the secrets of thaise massage Amsterdam, of the chinese massage and the thailandese massage.

Forget the low quality massages performed by tired and unmotivated Chinese girls, and get ready for the best erotische massages of your life, played by beautiful and smiling girls, who have only one goal: to give you the best possible orgasm in every situation, relax your mind and the body and get ready for sex in the best way. In fact, our massages are not only excellent anti-stress, but they are also perfect as a preliminary to excite and prepare for sex.

There is no man who does not get excited with one of our erotische massages. If you are not satisfied, we are ready to refund you immediately!

Our policy is to offer a first-rate Amsterdam erotic massage, with the best girls in the city to all customers, and to give them the greatest possible satisfaction.

Here is a small guide to all the massages you can have with our Amsterdam escort girls.

IMPORTANT: The massages you will select will be performed by our girls in your hotel room. We are not a massage center and cannot accommodate people for massages. The girls will come to your hotel room to perform the erotic massage service you have chosen, and they will carry with them everything they need to perform the massage perfectly.

Not all massages include sex or final orgasm, but you can use them as a preliminary to get excited and then have sex with the Amsterdam escort girl of your choice. Sex must be done with a condom, while the orgasm derived from the massage does not require a condom (except in cases of oral sex).

Here’s how you can have fun and erase stress with our massages!


Our basic service called erotic massage Amsterdam.

This is an erotic body massage performed by the girl. For example, the massage escort you have chosen can do it wearing sexy lingerie to get you excited, or she can play it completely naked or wearing only boots or heels.

The choice is yours, and we can guarantee that the massage will be extraordinarily erotic and satisfying. The girl will use her hands to touch your whole body, loosen the muscles, and loosen the tension entirely, and you will relax in just a few minutes.

The best thing about this erotic massage Amsterdam is that every girl has a personal way of performing it, using body parts and secret tricks. We cannot describe in detail all that Amsterdam escort girls do during erotic massage Amsterdam, because otherwise it would ruin the surprise and this massage relies heavily on wonder and curiosity to find out what will happen when you lie down, and the girl will start rub.

But we can guarantee you one thing: the erotic massage Amsterdam will be an incredible, erotic experience, and a perfect starter before having sex at the hotel with a high-class Amsterdam escort.

No sexual services are provided for this massage.


Every nation has types of personal massages. For example, the chinese massage, or the thailandese massage or the thaise massage. In Holland, we have erotische massage, the erotic massage performed by a beautiful thoroughbred Dutch girl!

Our Dutch escorts are the best in Europe, and they know how to perform an authentic erotische massage that excites any man. The massage is sensual, performed delicately, and passionately, and the girl pays excellent attention to every part of the body, in particular ass and penis, stimulating them and preparing them for sexual intercourse. You will discover new ways to get excited with a massage because our escort girls are real phenomena in this art.

Do you want to know the secret of erotische massage? Sorry, we can’t write it in this section, and the only way to find out is to contact us and select the best Dutch babe escort and select the erotische massage. You will find that we have not exaggerated and that this type of massage is too good to be true!


Massage is not only a way to relax body and spirit, but it is also perfect for having sex in creative ways. In this service, called sex massage, the girl you select will massage your whole body, and a good fuck with a final hot cumshot is also included in the massage! You can’t miss this opportunity.

The girl will begin to gently massage your entire body, and then proceed to oral sex to excite you even more (if possible), and you can have sex as you wish for as long as you want. The massage is interactive, you can touch and kiss the girl whenever you want and feel her excitement escalate quickly. Sex massage is definitely the best way to combine the beauty of a massage and the transgression of sex with an A-Level Amsterdam escort chick.

Don’t miss the chance to have a gentle sex massage with one of our girls. She’s waiting for you, you just have to call her in your hotel room and start the fun!


It won’t be easy, because the girls who perform the sensuous massage are beautiful and know how to excite even the most asexual man in the world, but this is the beauty of the sensuele massage: a game of perfect excitement, which resists the temptation to become sex. If you really want to get excited, don’t miss the chance to use this service the next time you have sex with a beautiful girl in your hotel room. Remember: sensuele massage Amsterdam!

No sexual performance is provided in this massage.


Here is one of the most famous Amsterdam erotic massages: the body to body massage. In this type of massage, the beautiful escort chosen will remain completely naked, exactly like you, and will rub it all over the body in an extremely sensual way.

But we didn’t say the best thing: the girl’s body is entirely covered with massage oil!

Does this situation seem exciting to you? Imagine living it in your hotel room, a beautiful body to body massage with a sexy girl who will focus a lot on your penis … exciting, right?

Well then don’t waste any more time and book this service as soon as possible!


Why limit yourself to a single erotische massage when you can choose more than one erotische massage on the same evening? In this offer, you can have lots of different erotische massages during the evening with your favorite escort girl.

You can use this service to relax entirely or to get excited again after having an orgasm or after a good fuck. Don’t underestimate the erotic power of some erotische massages, because our girls know how to use this technique in the best way!


Perhaps this is the most famous Amsterdam erotic massage. The happy ending massage is an erotic and sexual massage that focuses heavily on the man’s penis, and that always ends with a handjob and the man’s liberating orgasm.

The massage is called happy ending massage because of the final orgasm, which is considered a “happy ending.” The cumshot can hit the masseuse’s body anywhere in the body, and then you can have a sweet erotic shower together.


A particular type of massage that concentrates a lot on the joints of a person, trying to bend and lengthen them to dissolve them and immediately give a pleasant feeling of relief. How can this massage be made erotic?

Our Amsterdam escort girls perform the completely naked thaise massage, making you excited at the sight of their perfect body and shaved pussy. If you have joint pain, then don’t hesitate and select the Amsterdam thaise massage.

In a few minutes, you will be excited and stretched!


The classic can of erotic massages. Our girls are not Chinese, but they have learned all the secrets of Chinese massage from the best Chinese masseuses working in Amsterdam, and now they can perform Chinese massage better than real Chinese, and with higher quality!

Don’t miss the chance to have a beautiful chinese massage!


A beautiful massage is known in Thailand for its erotic power, which is performed by our sexy girls. A real thailandese massage performed in Amsterdam, you can’t miss it.

Here are some of our best massages. Don’t waste time, and book immediately what excites you the most!

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