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Russian Amsterdam Escort

Many people believe the prejudice that classifies a Russian Amsterdam escort women as cold, distant and not very romantic. This prejudice is wrong, and Yrina is the best proof of the real attitude of Russian women. Yrina is a volcano of blond energy, arrived from Moscow to bring Russian love all over the world. Our beautiful escort has an incredible body, she is young, slim and fiery, in her DNA flows the blood of the proud Russian leaders and the Tsar, people who commanded millions of soldiers and followers thanks to their charisma and their high power. Yrina has excellent power: she’s perfect in the art of sex like no woman before her. Yrina has learned all the secrets of sexual activity in the cold Russian winters and her ice-colored eyes immediately recognize the weaknesses of every man.

Yrina, in fact, manages to hold back her dominated nature hardly and loves to exploit the weaknesses of every man to have a feeling of power echoing each customer in an intense role play, a master and a slave, a soldier and the general, the maid and the landlord, the secretary and the boss. Yrina’s fantasy is incredible, and her cliques always try to find new games, but she has already tried them all at least once. Her agenda is always full of appointments, but do not give up, with Yrina you need to act quickly so you can spend some time with the Russian ice queen! You will not regret spending a few hours with our queen, because she is an experience out of the world, it is the product of Mother Russia that is exported with love, she is Yrina, and no woman is like her.


Yrina loves spending her time in luxury and attending the best clubs in Amsterdam.

If you want to impress her, book a table at the Zaza’s restaurant and spend a perfect evening because the mix of good food, excellent wine and Yrina with a seductive evening dress will make you live the most beautiful evening of your life.


Why stay all night in a restaurant with an escort like Yrina? Yrina loves walking and training her toned body. You can walk with her throughout the city and visit the most famous places, such as the Rijksmuseum and observe with her the masterpieces of Flemish painting.

Yrina will surprise you with her culture and knowledge of art, because she is a real woman, with a fantastic brain, like her body.


On some occasions, it is better to spend your time with Yrina in complete privacy, and the best way to do this is to book a room in a prestigious hotel. Yrina is used to living in luxury, and a hotel like Teleport Amsterdam Hotel is perfect for spending hours in complete privacy.

Yrina is an Amsterdam escort that knows how to manage customer privacy and knows how to turn a bedroom into a place of love and seduction.
Lock the door and enjoy Yrina.

Yrina Party Girl